About the AI Awards

The AI4Belgium & Datascience community is honouring the most promising startups and individuals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

Over the past weeks over 80 nominations have been submitted. The entire community is fully engaged in the nomination and selection of the Ai Awards.

The companies and personalities that have accepted their nomination have been invited at DigitYser to record a short video and  interview.

All nominees will also be present on May 16th – #AI startup for a networking evening where they will do a short 5 minutes ‘Ignite’ presentation to the public.

The selection of the AI-Award winner  will be done on the whova app by all the participants of the diSummit.

The 7 startups with the most votes will present at the diSummit on June 26th.

Nominated AI Personality

  • Nominated by external parties
  • Your contributions have been noticed and Validated by your peers
  • You must accept your nomination and agree that your story can be published in a blogpost and/or a book.

Nominated AI Startup by the community

  1. Amethix Technologies – they design and build data analytics engines to augment human capital and empower organizations like never before
  2. AMIA Systems – @ULBruxelles spin-off providing innovative #tech allowing to Visualize, Quantify & Optimize factory layouts
  3. Apptweak – App Store Optimization ASO Tool driven by Data Science
  4. Arinti – Arinti is a young and fast growing group of professionals that are eager to help organisations and communities with AI driven software.
  5. Boobook – With their deep expertise in advanced analytics and data visualisation, we give businesses the required insights to underpin their decisions
  6. BrainJar – They solve business challenges with AI and build brains for your business needs
  7. Botwiser – provide Bot-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform which helps business to improve service and to innovate communication with customers.
  8. Chatlayer – builds conversational agents your customers like on a AI driven platform
  9. Citizenlab – A citizen engagement platform for local governments. Reach more citizens, manage their ideas efficiently, and make decisions based on real-time data.
  10. Complidata – develops A.I.-driven Process Automation Solutions to streamline and optimise Compliance processes
  11. Crunch Analytics – Impact through data
  12. Cumul.io – Powerful dashboards
  13. Dalberg Data Insights – our unique approach to challenging development questions combining big data with ground-truth information to deliver trust-worthy insights that solve real-world problems
  14. Daltix – provides real-time retail insights to support your commercial decision making
  15. Data.be – business info
  16. Dataminded – Better data engineering
  17. Dataroots – Experts in Datascience
  18. DataSense – Because your data makes sense!
  19. DataShift – Always on the hunt to make sense out of data
  20. DataStories – an augmented analytics software partner for industrial businesses with complex R&D or manufacturing processes
  21. Datylon – They design, engineer and host digital solutions that turn data into compelling visualizations, driving better decision making
  22. Depthen – They organize and enrich your media content and meta-data
  23. Digazu –  created by EURA NOVA to leverage the maximum value of each data-driven business case while turning the whole company data-centric
  24. Epcon.AI – From mapping to epidemic control and diagnostic tools
  25. Faktion – Faktion is an applied AI engineering service provider
  26. Find Me – They find the best deal for you in no time
  27. Fourcast – Google cloud solution provider
  28. Geckomatics – lean mobile mapping
  29. Hozint – a Threat Intelligence Platform HORIZON that provides near-realtime alerts, including #BreakingNews and #TravelWarnings
  30. Icometrix –  Transforming patient care through imaging AI
  31. Image Forgery Detector – provides an anti-fraud platform that identifies misuse of identity via tampering of digital image or document to the organizations
  32. In The Pocket – creates digital products that make people happy and businesses grow 
  33. Infofarm – The Data Science Company
  34. JetPack – Operational Analytics
  35. Juyo Analytics – Hotel Analytics 
  36. Kantify – They create cutting edge artificial intelligence solutions that you can implement today
  37. Keyrock – combines in-house algorithmic trading bots, high frequency trading infrastructure and industry expertise to supply market making and liquidity services to the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  38. Klarrio – one-stop shop for IoT & Analytics
  39. Lantana – They bring valued solutions with a focus on Artificial intelligence & Blockchain
  40. Lawbox – Smart law for smart people
  41. Lex.be – disrupting the legal information world and bringing innovation to legal professionals
  42. LynxCare – The AI powered outcome data platform. Supported by @AlchemistAccelerator (San Francisco ) @imecVentures (Brussels) 
  43. Macty – Artificial intelligence for the fashion industry
  44. MeetMatch – Revolutionary networking at your event
  45. MultiMinds – Discover and activate your underlying business potential
  46. ML6 – Machine learning experts on a mission to empower businesses with intelligent technology
  47. OpenTheBox – Look inside the web of connections between companies, individuals and politicians in Belgium
  48. One Datapartner – Inspires companies and helps them exploit the full potential of their data 
  49. Omina Technologies – it is all about 360° Artificial Intelligence solutions to fit your needs…
  50. Overture – an end-to-end computervision development pipeline for data preparation, model training and evaluation, scalable deployment & model maintenance.
  51. Parcify – Get things moving
  52. Pick It – Robot vision made easy
  53. Pixelvision – PixelVision develops, trains, and implements computer vision software
  54. Predicube – Big Data Analytics spinoff from Univ. of Antwerp and iMinds, focusing on efficient marketing and risk management practices
  55. Qualifio – Interactive Marketing & Data Collection Platform
  56. Radix.ai – They accelerate the pace at which Machine Learning innovations are turned into reality.
  57. ReImagine – Reimagine your organization by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Robotic solutions
  58. RetViews – Fashion analytics on competitive brands
  59. RoboVision – Deep Learning Applied
  60. Scriptbook – Artificially intelligent screenplay analysis & Automated story generation
  61. Sket – Legaltech as a service
  62. Shape – data monitoring for data science and data management
  63. Tengu – Your DataOps Interface! From Your First Data Training Wheels To Data Professional At Full Speed
  64. Trade Pharma Network – platform for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines
  65. Trigghr – Our bidirectional match enables companies to discover unexpected and really motivated talents!
  66. WeGroup – InsurTech startup that enables insurance providers to connect with their customers in a digital world
  67. Xplodata – from data to insights
  68. Yazzoom – improving company processes by means of data processing
  69. Yields – the first FinTech platform that uses AI for automated model validation and real-time monitoring on an enterprise-wide scale
  70. Zora Robotics – ZoraBots is an interactive and caring platform solution which runs on the world’s most popular humanoid robots
  71. and many more to come that can be nominated by you 
Scale Ups and too good not to mention:
  1. Collibra – Find, understand, and trust your data
  2. DataCamp – The smartest way to learn datascience online
  3. Ontoforce – Their semantic linked data and visualization platform DISQOVER powers citizen data science 
  4. Riaktr – Formerly Real Impact Analytics. They transform telecom data into action. 
  5. Rombit – Improve efficiency, worker safety and security. Rombit connects people, assets and devices in user-friendly software
  6. Sentiance –  is a data science company turning IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context
  7. SoftKinetic – Sony Depthsensing solutions is a Leading 3D Vision and Gesture Recognition technology provider
  8. Sortlist – Find and contact #agencies through the people you already trust
  9. Timi – Belgian’s most powerful framework to push the barriers of analytics and predictive analytics, while offering a helpful, fast and friendly environment
  10. Ugentec – Automated analysis of raw PCR data, automated interpretation of multiplex assays, automated QC workflow, automated LIMS transfer, automated audit trail 
  11. and many more to come that can be nominated by you 


  • You have to be nominated via this form
  • You need to have a European VAT number and deliver value to the Belgian market.
  • Your company must have been created after Jan 1st 2015 
  • Today your team must be composed of at least 3 FTE’s
  • You must have delivered at least one product or finalised one project that can be made public.
  • You must be prepared to share your idea with a wider public and accept to be video recorded. 
  • You must accept your nomination and agree that your story can be published in a blogpost and/or a book.
  • You must come to DigitYser to record your video.
  • You are invited to the semi-finals on May 16th to present in a ignite pitch your solution/company. 
  • Your presentation formate will be Ignite (5 minutes, 20 slides)
  • The public will use the app to vote.
  • Finalists are announced on June 13th at the speaker’s dinner.
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