Bart Van Der Vurst

Bart has founded the Data & AI team at element61. He's an expert in data-marketing and advertising.
Bart Van Der Vurst - element61

Bart graduated as a Master in Business Engineering with a specialization in Marketing Advanced Analytics in 2013. Bart started his professional career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. After 2 years, Bart moved to Paris and started working at ‘Africa Internet Group’ (now called Jumia) as Global head of Business Intelligence responsible for all 14 countries’s digital, reporting & AI activities.  In this experience, his key achievement was the step-by-step transformation of the company into a technology-enabled organization with self-service BI stack, automated dashboard layer and a clear digital footprint of the customer.

3 years ago Bart founded the Data Science & Strategy team at element61 now 10 people big. He’s considered an expert in marketing & data-advertising counseling major Publishers and Advertisers on how to embed data & AI in their processes. Bart is a guest-lecturer on Marketing at EHSAL, Belgian Marketing Association (BAM) and UGent. He’s a co-organiser of and a regular meet-up organiser.

In his free time, Bart loves sports and hiking 🙂