Epcon was formed in August 2018 and brings together expertise in GIS, Health and Data Science to find, map and screen individuals affected by communicable diseases. Our primary focus today are the 4 million missing patients per year who develop Tuberculosis and are missed by traditional health systems.  This contributes to 1,6 million deaths every year from a curable disease.

Our technology allows for the identification of cause-effect patterns and hidden relationships in complex datasets.  It is adaptive, quantifies risks at the population and individual level, allows inference and what-if queries on observed variables and pushes intelligence to the edge.

The engine supports the following applications:

  • Monitoring and evaluation tools for country health program steering and finding the missing patients
  • Computer Aided Diagnostics for chest x-rays abnormalities (API available)
  • Biometric pattern recognition for forensic purpose and unique ID
  • Automatic population density study through areal imagery
  • Automatic address point generation for the underserved (API available)

Other areas of interest are Neglected Tropical Diseases and lifestyle diseases.