Geckomatics develops AI based mobile mapping systems. Organisations use our tools to create and update their geospatial information with unprecedented ease. Our in-house designed smart mobile camera system integrates seamlessly with our cloud platform. Artificial Intelligence does the heavy duties like object recognition and accurate positioning. The system enables WYSIWYM – What You See Is What You Map. The system has a low barrier to use, so keeping actionable geospatial data up-to-date is easy. Geckomatics stands out for great TOC and usability.

Geckomatics brings a solution that is both financially and operationally very efficient to digitise a massive amount of infrastructure. Having recent and accurate information of infrastructure is essential for several industries, including water and utilities companies and transport. These industries need actionable spatial information for operations and compliance, but also for e.g. infrastructure development (greenfield mapping, construction follow-up, etc).

The beauty of our system is that it is applicable for many use cases. Geckomatics technology could be used on trains just as well as on cars and boats (it is currently in use in the Port of Gdańsk, Poland, among others to map quay walls). On trains, it can be used to create maps and inventories of assets along the tracks. Another use case is for railway construction documentation. It could also be permanently attached for event documentation (more or less like a highly sophisticated dash cam)

Mobile mapping is a traditional service based industry: usually when you need a map of an area, you need to contract a mapping service supplier. This is due to the complexity involved. Geckomatics solves this complexity with Machine Learning in our cloud platform. As a result, our tools can be used by any organisation that needs digital maps.