In The Pocket

All digital products, devices on the edge, and services are moving toward implementing some form of AI. At In The Pocket we're designing, building and deploying the next wave of AI first applications.

We create digital products that make people happy and businesses grow.

In The Pocket is a digital product studio. We take you from ideation to a full-blown digital experience, ready to hit the market and create value for your business. Stay ahead of your competition.

Our team consists of 100 skilled experts who specialize in digital business strategy, platform architecture, product design & software engineering.

Humans interact with machines and services via digital products. In order to make these interactions as natural and convenient as possible, it’s necessary to make smart digital products that understand the context of its users. At In The Pocket, we have an AI first mindset with which we enable our digital products to see, listen, think and understand the world where our products and services are used.