Kantify – Fyn

Fyn , the new invoice reading solution by Kantify 

Kantify is developing Fyn,  a new generation invoice data capture tool that works without any specific rule or template setup. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Which need does Fyn answer to ?

All companies know the hassle of bookkeeping, which starts by encoding information from invoices and receipts. Unfortunately, traditional  OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extraction technologies are limited in their accuracy. For many accountants, these limitations are a considerable problem. As accountants are required to be accurate and exact, they cannot rely on a limited technology.

With Fyn, we answer to this problem as our solution has the optimal level of efficiency that accountants and bookkeeping professionals request. Fyn enables accountants and bookkeeping professionals to easily encode all formats of invoices, in real time, with high accuracy.

Why is it innovative ? 

With Fyn, we are bringing AI to Accounting and invoice parsing.

Traditional technologies are limited because they are template-dependent. It means that they rely on templates, i.e pre-trained formats of documents. Whenever a new format of invoice arise, the technology is lost as it cannot detect the necessary invoice fields anymore.

Thanks to a subtle mix of proprietary AI models, Fyn enables template-free reading of documents. Fyn can read any type of invoice, regardless of its format or its language.

About Kantify

Kantify has been founded in 2016 in Brussels, where it has its headquarters. Our co-founders are Ségolène Martin (CEO) and Nik Subramanian (CTO).