We bring valued solutions with a focus on Artificial intelligence & Blockchain. Our mission is to identify together with you, the business challenge and come up with new ideas where Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain might be the right technology answer for that business need. Our approach is agile and pragmatic, with respect for your values. Our team is based on an inner eco-system of collaborators (internal and external) offering artificial intelligence services, solutions and projects to our customers and mastering A.I. technology, in order to offer the full technical approach. Lantana is a cooperative company with limited liability. This form is an answer to the changing world of working and collaborating together. The value we create with our collaborators is driven by a fair balance between the mind and the heart. Every member of our inner competence community, has equal say. We have experience in building custom solutions for industry, retail, government, transport and non-profit organizations in the field of leakage detection, predictive booking cancellation, product recommendation, stock planning and much more.