Robovision offers a fast track in AI to get added value from your data. Some years ago, this intelligence had to be created by humans writing rules to segment through the data. Now with the advent of deep learning superservers (we are exclusive DGX2 distributor for the Benelux), this intelligence is created by deep learning structures. Layers of artificial neurons operate in similar ways as in our biological brains and create the rules autonomously. We industrialised this value proposition, and managed to develop a truly at scale value proposition. This enables you to process hundreds of HD streams in parallel, and to learn from unstructured data within few hours (normally taking weeks to months). We developed a stack that makes deep learning labeling very user friendly, and allows you to manage thousands of labelers, operating on huge datasets. We provide tools like predictive labeling, bias detection, operator profiling, that prevent the garbage in garbage out mantra from happening. Jonathan is the co-founder and now CEO at Robovision. Here, he leads a team of over 40 Deep Learning enthusiasts. Our Robovision team developed a platform to apply AI, and more specifically Deep Learning, to visual data. This platform allows companies in all kinds of industries to apply deep learning to their own data, without the need to hire data scientists. Jonathan has won several awards because of this innovative and disruptive platform.