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Call for Speakers

We’re looking for diverse speakers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence: Human, Technical, Social, Democratic Legal & Ethical aspects.
We engage in avoiding all male panels and each year work toward a more representative selections of speakers at our events.

  1. When you fill up your preferred format, you can make multiple selection. 
  2. Linkedin is important to onboard the agenda/networking mobile app, it can be used to fill up your profile inside the app without having to do so manually. 
  3.  (if/when approved) Your email is your speaker login into the app. you receive your ticket-check-in once your application has been accepted.
    If for some reasons the email differs, contacts us through the app to get your event code and ultimately onboard and enjoy the features of this year edition of DiSummit. 
  4. If you have any questions contact us through the phone number or email in the footer of this page. 
You will receive an email to confirm your application (or not) based in the available speakers slots, we'll do our best to balance gender and diversity participation from the available pool of applicants while reaching out to our network to welcome everyone.
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