The earlier you book, the lower your price!

Good news: We have prepared a much more favourable pricing scheme!

Our objective is to:

  • Motivate you to book early with a special early bird pricing scheme.
  • Encourage you to participate in the promotion of the event and by offering you a higher discount rate.

Discount codes in use:

  • Community Member -25% : for the members of the Linkedin group:  AI4Belgium – AI & Data Science Community of Belgium (group)
  • Contributor -50% : to have published a blog about the event or a nominated person/project/startup for the AI-awards.
  • Student -75% : to have a valid student card to show at the collection of your badge on the day of the event.

Participate & get your discount code!

  • Nominate an AI Personality of the year
  • Nominate an AI Startup of the year
  • Create social media posts (LK, TW, FB)

Use your social media influence to get a discount code by creating a post either on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where you explain why you will attend the event and why you nominated a certain AI project/startup for the AI awards. Always use #disummit2019 so that we are notified by your activity. 

And to get your discount code faster send the links to 


+ 32 2 808 85 64